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Are you happy with the public image of your company? Do you present your business to customers, partners and employees in the best way? Does your image reflect your brand essence? Do your products or services go hand in glove with client needs?

Create something completely new, improve on your existing business – as a partner who supports you both creatively and hands-on, we at monocom develop value-add solutions. Whether analogue or digital, in-house or on the net: discover and experience creativity and quality at the highest level.» mehr zum Bereich "Communication" erfahren.

Do you want customers, partners and potential employees to experience your brand and your company, on a personal level, in real time, face to face? Visitor tours, brand ambassadors, open days or conventions, all these are aspects of the Live Communication solution, which offers many possibilities.

With monocom you have a strong partner to assist you. Based on many years of experience in visitor support and event planning for renowned premium brands, we at monocom offer you profound know-how, assisted by a qualified pool of hostesses and brand ambassadors.» mehr zum Bereich "Live" erfahren.

Communicate your product, strategy and innovations perfectly, develop new channels, accompany transformation processes communicatively – Which specific challenges are you facing? We at monocom will introduce you to appropriate solutions in a competent and experienced manner.

Our communication experts analyse your processes, your culture and your idiosyncratic needs. As a creative sparring partner monocom develops new perspectives. The result: simple but convincing and customised solutions.» mehr zum Bereich "consultancy" erfahren.

Do you want the perfect customer dialogue? Whether through telephone service, email-support, customer satisfaction surveys or support chat-lines online – our Operations-Team is there for you 7 days a week. We are your competent, friendly and reliable partner.

We can handle complex assignments and multilingual inquiries via various communication channels, which are also available outside normal business hours. Our specialists for individual dialogue solutions make the impossible a distinct possibility.» mehr zum Bereich "Operations" erfahren.