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Communicate your product, strategy and innovations perfectly, develop new channels, accompany transformation processes communicatively – Which specific challenges are you facing? We at monocom will introduce you to appropriate solutions in a competent and experienced manner.

Our communication experts analyse your processes, your culture and your idiosyncratic needs. As a creative sparring partner monocom develops new perspectives. The result: simple but convincing and customised solutions.

“You are a great team. Hats off! I always look forward to talking to all of you.”
Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director, Neckermann Strategic Advisors
  • development and design of products, services, brands and values
  • analysis of markets and competition
  • development of employee and operation models
  • social media strategies
  • communicative support during change management processes
  • courses, training
  • analysis and interpretation of customer feedback, design of optimisation measures
  • development of performance indicators and reporting systems
  • definition of processes and standards
  • performance specification, support for project tenders
  • support in the selection of suitable national implementation partners
  • support roll-out
  • benchmarking
  • mystery shopping