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Are you happy with the public image of your company? Do you present your business to customers, partners and employees in the best way? Does your image reflect your brand essence? Do your products or services go hand in glove with client needs?

Create something completely new, improve on your existing business – as a partner who supports you both creatively and hands-on, we at monocom develop value-add solutions. Whether analogue or digital, in-house or on the net: discover and experience creativity and quality at the highest level.

“monocom is an owner-operated creative company, in the most positive meaning of that expression. Not too small and just not too big to lose focus. I can state this after almost 15 years of collaboration in my former position as a big cap industrial client. ‚monocom merz & friends‘ is just the best expression to summarize the social component of the company’s philosophy and attitude. I have been continuously surprised by the great mix of creativity being on point, combined with their reliable productive mentality.

I like it – thumbs up!”

Michael Janßen, PlanKomm Consulting for Communication.
  • development and design
  • layout und typesetting
  • copywriting, text
  • internationalisation, translation
  • manuals, guidelines, CI guidelines
  • film and photo production
  • story boards
  • image and video editing / editing of existing film and photo material
  • interviews
  • sound design, music, voice-over recordings
  • interior design of spaces, exhibition stands, information stands
  • 2D and 3D design (e.g. layouts, locations or processes)
  • product design
  • animations
  • web design und programming
  • mobile applications
  • social media software
  • database architecture and programming
  • integration of inventory systems
  • project management, project execution
  • quality control
  • delivery, shipment
  • supplier research and management, media production, print content
  • coordination and/or installation of exhibitions, both on a national and international level